Revolutionizing the Classroom Experience

Corona School is truly an institution on the move. The school’s initiative in digi-learning places it among the leaders in preparing individual for school level education in the 21st century. Digital classroom empowers teachers to transform traditional chalk-and-talk classrooms into interactive sessions with multimedia content (animation, 2D/3D images, videos, games and quizzes and more). It is based on Cognitive Learning Approach — a widely accepted theory on the learning process. According to it, there is a close relationship between “what we know” and “what we need to learn”. So by associating new material with something familiar, students can better understand and retain new information.

Pre-School Block

The Pre-school comprises Playgroup to Upper Kindergarten level. With an objective to give a strong base to the students, Corona school’s pre-section is fully equipped with practical learning along with wide approach. Physical development at pre-school is intellectually designed with an introduction of educational sports.

Primary Block

The Primary Block comprises grades I to III. The objective of the primary programme is to help every child appreciate and understand as much as s/he can of the human achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts. Focus is on preparation of every child to face the world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands. The teaching and learning methodology being interdisciplinary, the motto behind all this is to ensure maximum growth of each learner.

Lower- Secondary Block

The Lower Secondary Block comprises grades IV to VII and is preparatory stage for the secondary level learning. Learning from this level onwards is not only inter-disciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning. Importance is stressed on independent learning and developing these skills in the learner, apart from emphasis on project based learning.

Secondary Block

In these levels of education students have a wider range of subjects to study which include English, Nepali, Social Education, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics, General Science, Environment and Population Education, Hygiene, Physical Education and Computer Studies. At end of the class VIII, pupils sit for their District Level Examination (DLE) and the successful ones are admitted to two years of the SEC program of study.

The curriculum for classes nine and ten complies with the SEC Board policy of Government of Nepal and provides an education as closely as possible to their counterparts in other countries.

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